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Crash Course Heavy will be a one-day, intensive, hands-on class, with 5 pits. The pits are listed below.


Five Training Packed Pits

Set your GPS for 506 E Xenia Drive, Fairborn Ohio 45324

Date: September 28 and 29, 2018 - One day class - Two separate days
Time: Class will start at approximately 7:00 am and end at 5:00 PM
Location: National Center for Medical Readiness, Calamityville, Dayton, OH
Cost: $495.00 per student

Pit 1
Rotator Truck/Underrides

Using a rotator truck, passenger car, semi-trailer, bus, and jersey barrier. Lift and move objects, primarily removing a passenger car that has “under-ridden” the semi-trailer. Covering the basics of using/positioning, and signaling the rotator.
Also covered are rigging basics and safety considerations.

Pit 2
Semi-Truck/Commercial Truck Extrication vs. Car

Students will be instructed in stabilization and extrication techniques involving commercial over the road vehicles. Topics covered will be the differences in construction and how to vary “typical” extrication techniques when working these large trucks.

Pit 3
Bus Extrication

Using regional transit buses, students will be challenged to stabilize and force entry into these large vehicles. Stabilization, safety/fuel concerns, and extrication differences will be covered while students cut into these vehicles.


Pit 4
Cement Truck vs. Car

A cement truck has tipped over on a family car. Patients are trapped under 30,000 pounds of awkward truck. Again, stabilization is one of the difficulties in this challenging extrication. Control and lift the truck, remove the car and complete the rescue.

Pit 5
Construction Accident

Using tools from primitive levers, come-a-longs, and jacks to high pressure air bags, students will be taught lifting and moving of concrete slabs and large vehicles. Making direct contact to lift/stabilize and rescue victims.