Crash Course Village's Maintaining & Troubleshooting Power Tool Systems for Firefighters Class

Reduce maintenance costs, turn your firefighters into better tool operators by making sure they understand how the tools work, how to properly apply tools, and fix them before they get put away.

During this one-day, classroom and hands-on seminar, firefighters will learn the fundamentals of chain/rotary saws, electric generators, electric tools, 4-cycle gas engines, pneumatic powered tools. Troubleshooting and operational checks will be covered and practiced. Bay floor skills that will start paying off the day after class.

Learn engines/systems from the ground up, perfect for today’s firefighter, and even if you are the “fix-it” guy you are bound to learn new troubleshooting tips and repair techniques.

Course Content:

  • Change plugs (gap), filters, fuel filters
  • Change oil, and oil filters
  • Repair pneumatic regulators
  • Sharpen tool bits and blades
  • Properly service chain saw/rotary saw
  • Tension chains
  • Mix fuel
  • Repair extension cords
  • Calculate electric loads

Participants will receive the class power point, maintenance/troubleshooting guide to fire department power tools, so you can teach these vanishing skills to the rest of your fire department.

Instructor: Instructor Steve Shupert will present this timely material in your department or at our training facility.

Don't miss it.


Class Details

Available Dates

This course is PERFECT for delivery at your facility to your department members. It is offered as a custom class, or offered at our Kettering training facility.

Kettering Ohio Location - February 2, 2018 or February 17, 2018

Time: 9:00 am till 3:00 pm - Registration opens at 8:30 with coffee and donuts/bagels

Location: CCV Classroom facility - 2685 Culver Ave, Kettering, OH.

Cost: $150.00 per student (payment is due 30 days before the class session) in Kettering, cost for class at your facility is negotiable

Class Limit: 20 Students for our Kettering Facility